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Your Tuition Solution℠ is dedicated to providing solutions for financing K-12 education

Since 2004, we have helped thousands of families with tuition financing through flexible payment plans and an easy online application process. Discover how the program can help you and your families by completing our enrollment form today.

Issued By LendingClub Bank
Plan Rates 3.99% - 30.99% APR based on the amount financed and applicant's credit history
Sample Monthly Payment The monthly payment is only $380 for a $15,500 program with a 7.99% APR over 48 months
Plan Amounts $1,000 - $50,000
Plan Terms 24, 36, 48, 60, 72 or 84 months
Plan Eligibility
Advertised terms are subject to change without notice. The availability of payment plans varies by education provider, and not all plans may be available through your selected education provider. Consult your education provider for plan availability. All credit offerings are subject to credit approval.
Available dollar amounts may vary by state.

A simple way to help families get the payment options they want.

Let families know that applications can be completed in just minutes

Application decisions are returned almost instantly with a range of payment options to consider.

No upfront payment or application fees required.

Receive continuous status updates during approval

At each step of the process, status updates are automatically emailed.

No Upfront Payment

Once the completed documents are received, payment is initiated and funds are received by the educator within 3 business days. The borrower's first payments are not due one month.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't find your answers here, please contact us by email or by phone (800) 920-9777.

Working with Your Tuition Solution means your family has more financial flexibility—with fast application decisioning and convenient low monthly payments. For you, it means the freedom to focus on what you do best. We offer a smart, simple and convenient way for families to pay for their children’s educational needs.

Simply put, Your Tuition Solution offers exceptional products and service. LendingClub Bank Installment Loans offered through Your Tuition Solution are true installment loans with a payment plan your family can count on. The interest rate stays consistent for the life of the loan with no sudden interest spikes and no hidden fees.

The borrower gets a low, fixed rate based on the amount financed, term selected and their credit history, unlike the “one-rate-fits-all” plans that you may have seen elsewhere.

When you compare the maximum loan amount and monthly term limit, you will find that LendingClub Bank Installment Loans offered through Your Tuition Solution provide flexible and low monthly payments with no application fee or prepayment penalty, so more families can get access to the education support they need.

Our experienced team has years of experience in education financing. When your family calls with a question or concern, we’ll do everything possible to meet their needs.

LendingClub Bank Installment Loans are offered through Your Tuition Solution. Installment Loans offer great low monthly payments with low fixed rates, for amounts to $50,000 and payment terms to 84 months. Give us a call at (800) 920-9777, and we’ll help you understand the plans.

Your Tuition Solution can be presented as an easy way to pay for a child’s educational needs. Applicants can go online and apply themselves.

For you and your team, the process is simple. There’s no equipment to set up, no minimum usage requirements and no monthly fees. As a Your Tuition Solution provider, you’ll simply access a customized “Education Center” on our website. This Center is where you and your team revise or confirm application amounts, print approval documents and verify the status of payments. Applicant credit decisions are very fast—in most cases, within seconds.

Once approval documents have been accepted, we process payment to you within 1-3 business days via direct deposit.

Registering with Your Tuition Solution is easy.

  1. Complete the .
  2. Attach a voided check or a letter from your bank that confirms your ACH routing and account numbers, as well as your educator name and address as it appears on your enrollment form.
  3. If including a letter from your bank, please have the letter drafted on bank stationary and have the letter signed by a bank employee. Scan and email the signed consent form and the voided check or bank letter to Your Tuition Solution to .

Within a couple of days, you’ll receive a call to schedule training. The training is a discussion of best practices for presenting Your Tuition Solution.

We understand that the sooner applications are approved, the sooner families can move forward with their children’s educational needs. So we keep you informed on everything—in real time on your Education Center.

The status will be presented to you via the Education Center Dashboard. When an applicant applies, you’ll receive notification via email, and the application will appear on your Dashboard. It really is that fast and simple.

Yes—the Application Overview screen in your Education Center and under Student History displays the disbursement and product information needed to post a transaction. It also displays the application status, borrowing amount, APR, term and monthly payment.

To access the Application Overview screen, simply go to your Educator Center Dashboard and click on the student’s name. If you prefer a printed version for your files, just click “Download Printable PDF” at the top of the screen for a printer friendly version.

You can easily revise the borrowing amount by following the instructions on your Educator Center Dashboard. Give us a call at (800) 920-9777 if you need assistance.

If a payment plan has been accepted, but has not yet funded, it is possible to increase the amount (up to the maximum amount) the application was approved for. Simply click “change” on your education center to revise the amount. Although, some restrictions may apply. If a “Max” flag appears next to an applicant’s approval on your Educator Center, any increases will be approved up to the max amount or term only. If you have additional questions, give us a call, and we’ll explain your options.

If an applicant’s final tuition is less than the funded amount, please call Your Tuition Solution. We will help calculate the tuition for the amount of the refund. Your school keeps that tuition and simply returns the remaining balance to Your Tuition Solution within ten business days. Once the refund is received, the full refund amount will be applied to the applicant’s account within 7-10 business days.

We understand situations may come up that require you to process a refund on behalf of an applicant. In order to make the refund process go as smoothly as possible, here is a requirement for your staff to follow.

  • Ten-Business Day Refund Period
  • Refunds need to be initiated within 10 business days from the date the student/parent notifies you (the educator) that the program will not be completed.
  • To help your refunds go smoothly, simply contact us at your convenience via:

Approval documents can be printed by clicking on the 'Print' icon in the Document Status column of the Education Center Dashboard. Once the documents have been printed, the 'Print' status changes to 'Reprint' to indicate that you or someone else on your team has completed this step. If needed, paperwork may be printed again by clicking the 'reprint' icon.

When an applicant applies online, they create a user name and password that allows them to access and print their approval documents.

Please fax the signed approval documents to Your Tuition Solution at (508) 281-8505 or scan and email the documents to . Please do not include the cover letter. The cover letter should be given to the borrower.

The Education Center will indicate 'Complete' in the status column. This means that the approval documents have been accepted. If there is a problem with the documents, you will see the reason for the problem in the 'Next Steps' section on your Education Center. You will also receive email notification when documents are received.

The funds are directly deposited to your account within 1 to 3 business days. We use the direct deposit process exclusively as it eliminates mailing delays and misplaced checks.

No! That’s one of the real benefits of using Your Tuition Solution. You simply need a computer with access to the Internet, an email account, plus Adobe Reader (Version 7.0 or higher) which is typically installed on most computers.

If you have an earlier version of Adobe Reader, you can upgrade with an easy and free download from . It’s a five-minute process, and we can walk you through it if you’d like. Just call us at (800) 920-9777. We’re here to help.

Having trouble downloading Adobe Acrobat or figuring out what to do? Help is just a phone call away at (800) 920-9777.

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